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Business Opportunity

Membership Pay Back Plan

Business Opportunity Members pay back plan encourages members to earn money by introducing others.Members will be awarded with a bonus of five percent  membership fee.After introducing one hundred  (100) new members ,A member will become Outreach Zimbabwe coordinator who is entitled  to coordinate the organization’s programs. Ten percent (10%) incentive bonus for every workshop he/she coordinate .After coordinating five (5) workshop he/she will be eligible for election in the Executive Committee . 

How to become a member?
By attending Outreach Zimbabwe induction & Rules and yearly subscriptions.

A group of trained people to create and establish online course.
How to become one of them?
Being a member of the organization who undergo in-house course for Introduction to E-learning.

How to become one of them.
Be a coordinator by enrolling 100 new members into the organization. Where by a coordinator helps in planning, organizing and executing events.

Executive Committee
The advisory board on Outreach Zimbabwe programs.
How to end up in the Executive Committee?
By coordinating and executing 5 successful workshops will be eligible for elections of the Executive committee.

Employment Opportunity

Finding Solutions with Outreach Zimbabwe
What kind of work can I do?
How does “anything you are good at” sound? We have many types of jobs need to be done from Outreach Zimbabwe Network .School Institute, organizations, private sector and community searching for professionals for their projects done such as: general work, house work, Logo Design, Business Cards, Graphic Design, Website Design, Market Research, Telemarketing, Search Engine Optimization of your Website, Typesetting of Brochures and Catalogues, Translation of Website Content or other Documents and Data Entry etc.

  • Small jobs, large jobs, anything in-between
  • Fixed price or hourly terms
  • Specific skills, cost and schedule requirements

Bid for a job at comparative price from Outreach Zimbabwe Network. The details of your profile and our members will get in touch with you for their job done faster, better and professionally. The jobs can be as big or small as you like, they can be fixed price or hourly and they can be specified on schedule, cost range and milestones.

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Royalties on Projects

Organization will produce and market e-learning H.d files  for free to its members .Members will be paid monthly  cash royalties  on any of their H.d files downloaded on the site’s Courses section.

Be Instructor and Reach millions of students worldwide in the largest online learning marketplace and deliver your course on any device at any time and earn serious money whilst build your personal brand.
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Practical Useful Real benefits
Complimentary or discounted entry to Outreach Zimbabwe projects workshops and events. Full complimentary access to the members’ only section of this website, which features special members only (develop and promote an active I.C.T culture from people to pupils’ ideology of resource mobilization.