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About Us


Outreach Zimbabwe is an organization that seeks to promote on the welfare and networking of schools through Information Communication Technology (I.C.T). In essence we are a grouping of professionals from various information communication technology fields coming together in a network to offer aid to schools in form of Information technology services and materials required for their development. Our main thrust is on creating a consolidated networking of all stakeholders that prompts a crucial participatory response in devising and sharing developmental strategies, thus charging schools and their communities to their own development.

OUTREACH supports this network through sourcing and discussion of I.C.T technical support, models for Infrastructure Development and Skills Development tailored to the particular needs of a school.  This integrated network would then translate into an all-schools-online website that would bring information technology to schools and also present a platform networking for their development.


a)     Raise the level of awareness on the role and potential of  ICT in all education sectors.

b)    Facilitate interaction among students and education support staff so as to realize a cost free transfer of I.C.T skills necessary for development.

c)     Empower and facilitate Zimbabwe schools participation in the Global Knowledge Society.

d)    Facilitate and support core and extra curriculum development strategies for both students and education support staff for the development of a more positive approach to I.C.T programs in schools.

e)     Fund specific projects designed by schools through the development and operation of a grants system with a greater bias towards rural schools development.

f)      Develop and promote an active I.C.T culture, From People to Pupils ideology of resource mobilization.

g)     Design and facilitate the implementation of school development models.

h)    Facilitate internet connections for schools to improve networking, the exchange of information and present I.C.T as a core institutional activity.

i)      Increase the use of I.C.T for equitable and sustainable socio-economic and cultural development of Zimbabwe.

j)      Create a favorable environment for cooperation and partnership in I.C.T among public and private sectors, civil society and among all stakeholders at local, national, regional and international levels.