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School website effective Benefits

Outreach Zimbabwe offers a full array of services including: school websites, district websites, Intranets, teacher websites, online Learning management systems, social media management, and many other I.C.T services. When you are looking for a partner who will save your staff time and school money, Outreach Zimbabwe is your best choice. Need to attract more students? Need to improve school communication? Contact us

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Want to improve your school’s image by:

  • If you are a public school, your website is a critical communication and recruitment tool. No longer is a luxury, a website essential.
  • Unfortunately, many schools do not utilize the full value of their website.
  • Outreach Zimbabwe provides the latest trend in effective school website management and affordably solves that problem.

Gone are the days when the traditional modes of communication for schools and districts were simple. There were parent/teacher conferences, report cards, and a call home when a child misbehaved and this was considered more than sufficient. The school was there, the teachers were there, the students were sent to the local school no questions asked. But education as we know, it has changed and what is expected of our educational institutions is enormous. And, in contrast to the so-called decline in education, when we factor in the challenges our school systems face today that were not dreamed of in days gone by, we would immediately recognize that our schools are actually more effective than ever. The reality isn’t that public schools aren’t effective; it is that they do a poor job of promoting their educational successes. The failure is in the communication, not in the education. If you don’t communicate the positives then you are at the mercy of the critics and they get all the attention because they are the only ones being heard!

Your website can be the most effective tool in your area. Done right by adapting to the needs of your constituencies and proactively communicating effectively and consistently—you’ll create a ground swell of advocates. This advocacy allows your school to succeed in providing success to the young people in your charge—and like tiny grains of yeast, successful schools have the power to raise the whole of our nation to new heights. Yes, communication matters and your website can be a vital resource.

The benefits of an effective school website can save your school thousands of dollars each year while it improves your school’s image, promotes your successes, and creates a powerful public relations machine.

We are experts in producing well-designed and easy-to-navigate sites populated with professionally-written content. Even on your school’s limited budget you can have a website that represents your school or district with pride.

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