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Reach out Extend a hand campaign

Outreach Zimbabwe is dedicating its resources on develop school website and computer technical support as donation through Reach out Extend a hand campaign for schools. Willing organization can partner with us paying 120 for domain registration and hosting per school.  Up to the number of schools which they need to ...

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Reach Out !!! Extend a Hand

Web based networking /Eliminating boundaries To a great extent development in schools has been barred by accessibility complexities. General observation has it that schools furthest from developed service centres are the least developed. It is an open position that does not need telescopic scrutiny to observe that distance plays down ...

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Outreach Zimbabwe Project Presents

Whilst a good number of schools are slowly computerizing, there is still a big challenge in the full utilization of those computers is concerned. There is therefore great need for connectivity, skilled I.T personnel to support them to fully realize the benefits that come with ICT. Due to lack of mechanisms to maintain and service the machines as well as lack of capacity, some of the schools could not benefit from this initiative to get their computers fully utilized. Also Let us donate the computers which are no longer in use or not working.

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