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Reach Out !!! Extend a Hand

Web based networking /Eliminating boundaries

To a great extent development in schools has been barred by accessibility complexities. General observation has it that schools furthest from developed service centres are the least developed. It is an open position that does not need telescopic scrutiny to observe that distance plays down on logistics for development. Poor transfer of vital information and other costs that come with accessibility problems have given rise to the major part of the lag in development that haunts many rural schools. We therefore in a bid to override these and such boundaries militating against the development of schools, intend to establish Outreach as a boundary free internet based network.

Program proceeds go towards:

  1.   Developing Website to  each and every school in Zimbabwe so as to realize a cost free transfer of information using I.C.T platform.(www.zimschool.co.zw)
  2.  Facilitate participation of schools in the ICT based global knowledge society.
  3.  Promote the use C.T culture as a way of schools resource mobilization.


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