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Key Program Areas

Infrastructure Development and Material Support Programs:

Outreach support schools with strategies, materials  or fund  infrastructure Development programs.

Under this banner we offer:

Strategic Support:

Through  multi-professional framework  we  offer strategic support to schools that are seeking to venture into infrastructure development  projects of any sort but lacking capacity and strategy .We assist with such  professional services that schools find taxing at all stages of implementation of their projects as listed below:

 I.C.T Technical Service.

Training (Project management).

Project Modeling.

Model Plans.


Material Support:

We  source and provide materials for development to institutions that are in dire need. Outreach meet critical inventory needs of schools especially in rural areas. Support include the provision of stationery and library materials, I.C.T ,furniture materials,  Sports and recreational materials.

Funding Support:

Through grant system we fund  schools that have viable infrastructure development projects and have clearly spelt out strategies for transparency and best practices.

Community Mobilization Support:

We offer to all institutions that wish to engage their communities in implementation of infrastructure development. We  commit resources to the publicity and  implementation of  forum based engagement, whose mathematics hinge on community response dynamics.

Skills Development Programs:

We support schools with skills development strategy through diversified training package that includes  academic skills support, staff development support, sports development support and  staff development support.

Academic Skills Support:

Outreach facilitates and conduct consultation  in broad partnership  with relevant stakeholders, curriculum-based workshops , seminars for students and their subject teachers. These would present discussion platform for students from various ends of the network and  brings them together with their examiners.We also run an online academic services search engine that is accessible to any user, and assists them with exam and general subject tips with a special thrust on the Zimbabwean case.

Staff Development Support:

Outreach  in consultation with the Ministry of Education and station heads identifies staff development need of institutions in their individual respect and recommend appropriate training package relevant to the particular need. Most of our staff development interventions would be scheduled for school holidays to avoid interruption of the flow of the term’s programs.

Sports Development Support:

We provide school teams and their trainers with training to enhance their sporting skills. This program will run training facilities in form of coaching clinics, refresher courses , developmental camps, tournament and exchange programs.