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Desktop and laptop repairs
Desktop and laptop repairs

Laptop & Desktop Repairs

With over 10years of experience, we can handle just about any tech question or computer repair that comes our way.
Find expert computer and laptop repair services, spyware removal, computer upgrade, and hardware installation services.

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Outreach Zimbabwe has a full service depot facility as well as mobile technicians who provide on-site desktop and laptop service for any problem you may encounter.We provide manufacturer authorized warranty and post-warranty service for most of the printers that we sell. Our technicians have been trained extensively and certified by the printer manufacturers. This means that you need not worry about your warranty when Outreach Zimbabwe services your desktop/laptop computer.

Service plans:
We offer a range of service plans to meet your needs:
No Charge Warranty Service – Outreach Zimbabwe can extend most Manufacturer’s Warranties to you at zero cost.
Contract Service – A flat monthly, quarterly or annual charge provides for all parts and labour needed to keep your computers in excellent working condition. Both on-site and depot contracts are available.
Cost per Page Service – Service and supplies are delivered as needed, for a monthly or quarterly invoice based only on the number of pages printed. Only pay when you print, and never worry about service again!
Time and Materials Service – As required servicing, either on-site or depot. Typically same day response time to service requests. All time and materials are billable to the customer.

Preventative Computer maintenance & cleaning service –
We will have a service technician visit your site to:
Software spyware removal.
Effect minor desktop/laptop computer repairs.
Adjust and blow dust on the electrical components.
Computer hardware and software upgrade .
Hardware installation services.

The physical location of the Computer.
The serial number, manufacturer and model number of each printer.
The condition of each part including the % of wear of the various components.
Recommendations regarding additional service that may be required for your Computer.

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