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Free Schools Website Development

At impacting and improving the lives of students in all schools, that is to say  Pre-schools, Primary ,Secondary,High schools and colleges  in the ten province  of Zimbabwe .The I.C.T  awareness project is a build up from previous work done ,which saw  the  establishment of Outreach Zimbabwe  organization in Zimbabwe. It is our hope for schools to be part of the I.C.T network through participating on www.zimschool.co.zw.The largest school directory online with over five thousand Schools and thousands of visitors a day searching for school information and what they offer. We are very pleased to be the first I.C.T provider to schools offering them the ability, not only to connect to the information super highway but to network.90% of schools to be connected before 2019.

All interested parties to submit/email a profile soft copy, website questionnaires form and pictures to info@zimschool.co.zw and info@outreachzimbabwe.org or at the address below:

Outreach Zimbabwe Trust
G.T Bain Centre
55 King George Road
Suite  72 Second floor
Above First Capital Bank, Avondale

Other Schools already benefited

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