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Outreach Zimbabwe Programs


Whilst a number of schools are slowly computerizing, there is still a big challenge in the full utilization of ICT in facilitating education service delivery. There is, therefore, great need for ICT infrastructure development, connectivity installation and skilled personnel if full realization of ICT benefits is to be achieved. Schools ...

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Why Join Outreach Zimbabwe

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What you need to know: Outreach Zimbabwe was established in 2010, to bring together experts from around the world to discuss ways to rebuild the ICT in Zimbabwe. Outreach Zimbabwe is an organization that seeks promotes on the welfare and networking of schools through Information Communication Technology (I.C.T). Our main ...

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Key Program Areas (K.P.A’s)

 Infrastructure development and material support programs(IMSPs)  Outreach supports schools with strategies, material and or funding for their infrastructure Development programs. Under this banner we offer; Strategic support Through our multi-professional framework , we will offer strategic support to schools that are seeking to venture into infrastructure development projects of any ...

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Legal and Operating Framework

a) Legal and Operating Framework Outreach Zimbabwe  is an organization registered under the Deed of Trust laws of Zimbabwe, whose offices are based in Avondale Harare.  Reg. No. MA521. b) Organizational Structure               c) The Community Partnership The underlying scope of Outreach, being a ...

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Core Objective

Distribute I.C.T hardware, software and back up support to schools. Raise the level of awareness on the role and potential of I.C.T in school development. Facilitate interaction among schools so as to realize a cost free transfer of information using I.C.T platform. Facilitate participation of schools in the I.C.T based ...

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Vision & Values

VISION The vision of the organization is to see the creation of national framework that will enable ICT to contribute towards achieving national development goals and transform schools into knowledge-based society through the application of ICT and students to fully express one’s self and exploit opportunities at their disposal to ...

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Brief Description


Outreach Zimbabwe is an organization that seeks to promote on the welfare and networking of schools through Information Communication Technology (I.C.T). In essence we are a grouping of professionals from various information communication technology fields coming together in a network to offer aid to schools in form of Information technology ...

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