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E-learning Developments (L.M.S)
E-learning Developments (L.M.S)

Schools E-learning Developments (L.M.S)

E-learning can be defined as the use of computer and Internet technologies to deliver a broad array of solutions to enable learning and improve performance.

Some questions to ask when choosing among e- learning, face-to-face instruction or other types of informal or on-the-job learning include:

>> What is the relative cost of each type of training?

>> Is learning best delivered in one unit or spread out over time?

>> Does it address a short-term or a long-term learning need?

>> Do participants have access to needed computer and communications equipment?

>> Are participants sufficiently self-motivated for e-learning or self-study modes of learning?

>> Do target participants’ time schedules and geographic locations enable

Classroom‑based learning or other types of synchronous learning?

E-learning is a good option when…

>> there is a significant amount of content to be delivered to a large number of learners;

>> learners come from geographically dispersed locations;

>> learners have limited mobility;

>> learners have limited daily time to devote to learning;

>> learners do not have effective listening and reading skills;

>> learners have at least basic computer and Internet skills;

>> learners are required to develop homogeneous background knowledge on the topic;

>> learners are highly motivated to learn and appreciate proceeding at their own pace;

>> content must be reused for different learners’ groups in the future;

>> training aims to build cognitive skills rather than psychomotor skills;

>> the course addresses long-term rather than short-term training needs2;

>> there is a need to collect and track data.