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Internet Connections

Internet Connections

Internet Connections – Wireless, Broadband, DSL, Cable ...
Types of internet connections (text guide)
There are lots of ways to connect devices like mobile phones and computers to the internet.For some of us, our options depend on where we live, what devices we have, and if we want to use the internet when we’re away from home.

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Dial-up connections
To get a dial-up connection, your computer will dial a phone number using your telephone line.Dial-up connections need a modem to connect to the internet and you pay for a call each time you dial-up. Dial-up connections are really slow compared to broadband, and are usually too slow for streaming video and making voice or video calls on the internet.
If you want to do more than read web pages and send emails, you’ll probably need a broadband connection and is when the use of secure email providers is essential to have a secure email.

Broadband connections
Broadband is a high-speed internet connection.Unlike dial-up, with broadband your phone line is not tied up. You can make a phone call and be on the internet at the same time. With broadband, you can watch live news and sport, download and share large files quickly and shop or bank online more easily.
There are different ways to get broadband which means it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia—everyone can get access to a fast internet connection.

Fixed broadband connections
A ‘fixed broadband connection’ is a permanent connection to the internet.If you’ve got fixed broadband at home, you’ll have a broadband modem that you can plug a cable into. If your modem’s also a wireless modem, you’ll be able to connect wireless internet devices to your modem without using a cable.Wireless connections can be good if you have more than one person and more than one device all wanting to use the same fixed connection. Most wireless connections let you use the internet in different rooms and even if you’re outside.With a fixed broadband connection, you might also look into getting an internet phone rather than keeping your traditional phone line.
This is called VoIP—which stands for ‘voice over internet protocol’.

Fixed wireless and satellite connections
If you live in a remote part of Australia, you can get a broadband internet connection by using either a fixed wireless connection or a satellite connection.Once you have a broadband connection to your home, you might like to set up a wireless router so you can connect several wireless devices and use them in and around the home.

Mobile broadband connections
You could also get the internet on a mobile broadband connection where you plug a USB modem into your device and use mobile phone towers to access the internet.
This can be useful if you need the internet when you’re out and about, or if you live in an area with good mobile phone coverage.

Internet on your mobile phone
Many mobile phones let you access the internet if you’ve signed up for internet in your mobile phone plan.’Smartphones’ are mobile phones that are like small computers. They have software on them to make it easier for you to surf the internet, check your email and use social networking sites.

Wireless hotspots
If you’re out and about with an internet device like a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you might want to connect at a wireless hotspot.Wireless ‘hotspots’ are places like libraries and cafés, which offer you free access to their broadband connection. You may need to be a member of the library or a customer at a café to get the password for the wireless connection.

Next steps
Broadband and wireless broadband can be easy to use—you just need to follow a few simple steps to keep your internet devices secure online.
You can contact with our  Support Team to guide you on keeping yourself and your computer protected on the internet.

You can also get a lot of useful information about protecting your computer from the Outreach Zimbabwe Forum.

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