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Schools Website Development
Schools Website Development

Welcome to Zim Schools Online

The largest Schools Database online!

Over 10 000 Schools and 1000 visitors a day searching for school information and what they offer. We are very pleased to be the first ICT provider to schools offering them the ability, not only to connect to the information superhighway, but to network.

90 % of Zimbabwe Schools to be connected before 2025.
Zimbabwe Schools Online is an information technology service provider. The organization established with a vision to achieve excellence and international standards in terms of professionalism, innovation, quality, reliability, accountability and transparency. In the informational era, schools need to be connected in order to promote effective communication, local networking, exchange of ideas and resources through information technology. In an endeavour to facilitate this initiative, the organization is proud to offer its expert services in communication, connectivity, computer hardware and software to interested schools.  This initiative should greatly benefit participating schools since it is more user friendly and convenient.

The Back ground
Whilst a good number of schools are slowly computerizing, there is still a big challenge in the full utilization of those computers is concerned. There is, therefore, great need for connectivity, skilled I.T personnel to support them to fully realize the benefits that come with ICT. Due to lack of mechanisms to maintain and service the machines, as well as lack of capacity, some of the schools could not benefit from this initiative to get their computers fully utilized. Indeed a number of schools are facing problems in processing and circulating official documents, and are forced to spend a lot of money on external services such as typing, faxing and postal services in the country which is no longer viable and reliable. It now takes more time to receive items through the post office, and this causes delays and even communication breakdowns. Zimbabwe Schools online, thus dynamically comes to service in this regard.

Outreach Zimbabwe is very keen to go into partnership with schools in I.C.T provision and backup. Our organization highly recommends schools to be networked through internet connection and websites. There are numerous advantages in having a website and being connected. These advantages include improvement in communications and, online enrollment and marketing.  Also will provide all the necessary services to improve the enrollment.

Internet services
Internet remains the fastest, cheapest means of communication around the world and a large percent of communicators prefer it. Within a short space of time one can reach thousands of friends, business partners and authorities online. One can browse, download, print, and mobilize resources, shop and market online. Even regular communication with friends, family members away from home can be facilitated. The advantages are plenty and therefore being connected is a positive and intelligent move.

The Objectives
The major objectives of this project are as follows;
1. Connect 75% of schools within each province in the country online.
2. To improve welfare of schools with reliable IT solutions.
3. Provide alternative means of communication in addition to the usual telecommunication service.
4. To be part of the world by adopting effective communication strategies.
5. To network schools in the country for the purpose of effective communication.
6. To provide school database. E.g. Staff members, students’ enrollment etc.
7. Providing technical support to all schools in the project.

– Design website for each  school and update it to www.zimschool.co.zw.
–  Facilitate training for the staff in charge and empower them in updating and managing the website.

The advantages of website.
– The website will be a marketing window for all the schools on line in the country.
– The schools can manage student’s enrollment online.
– Each connected school will have unlimited access to communication technologies, which are more Efficient, reliable and accurate.
– The school website will consist of information on enrollment; pass rates, achievements, information about education, arts, sport cultures, practical projects, awards, activity pictures, school history, vacancies, staffing and their educational background, transfer list for those who are looking forward to leave the school and those who would like to swap location, district and province.

Payment and service fees
The Organisation proposes to design the website for free to its Members.
Additional fees will be charged for technical support for servicing and upgrading computers.
The internet connection fees will be uniform.
50% deposit will be payable before the project begins.

Budget notes
The capacity building workshops will be organized for the selected I.T staff to be technically empowered for back up services, updating and management of online database, newsletters. The workshop will run for five consecutive days. All expenses are payable at once except subscriptions which are paid monthly.