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Disaster Management and Emergencies Support

Outreach offers strategic services and material support to schools that find themselves in compromised situations of disaster and emergency. Most of these interventions would be inclined to the rebuilding of infrastructure and resuscitation of normal learning conditions.



TRAINING COURSE DISASTER RISK REDUCTION FOR SCHOOLS Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture/Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Commitment and Policy Guidelines spell out commitment to Emergency Preparedness and response as evidenced by the policy guidelines. Policy Circular No. P.19: Fire prevention and Procedures and Civil Defense Procedure in Private ...

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School website effective Benefits


Outreach Zimbabwe offers a full array of services including: school websites, district websites, Intranets, teacher websites, online Learning management systems, social media management, and many other I.C.T services. When you are looking for a partner who will save your staff time and school money, Outreach Zimbabwe is your best choice. ...

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Outreach Zimbabwe Programs


Whilst a number of schools are slowly computerizing, there is still a big challenge in the full utilization of ICT in facilitating education service delivery. There is, therefore, great need for ICT infrastructure development, connectivity installation and skilled personnel if full realization of ICT benefits is to be achieved. Schools ...

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