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Outreach Zimbabwe Programs

Whilst a number of schools are slowly computerizing, there is still a big challenge in the full utilization of ICT in facilitating education service delivery. There is, therefore, great need for ICT infrastructure development, connectivity installation and skilled personnel if full realization of ICT benefits is to be achieved. Schools that have already acquired computer hardware and those that benefited from the presidential computer programme have not been able to fully utilse the machines due to lack of service support and expertise to maintain and service the machines. The challenges faced in processing and distributing official documents and forced to spend a lot of money on contract services such as typing, faxing and mail delivery is noticed in many schools. Outreach Zimbabwe has identified these challenge faced by schools and has come with the idea of extending the ICT infrastructure capacity development initiative in support of schools’ education service delivery. Outreach Zimbabwe’s approach is to go into partnership with schools in web development, network enhancement and technical backup support. Our organization highly recommends the use of world wide web and internet and intranet by schools if they are to fully realize the use of E-learning technology and E-information processing. There are numerous advantages accruing to schools which have websites and are internet communication enabled. These advantages include improvement in communication, information processing and storage, online student enrolment and public relations. Outreach Zimbabwe is able to provide all the necessary services regarding technical support and software enhancement and management.

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