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Membership Utilization

  •  Outreach Zimbabwe raise the level of awareness on the role and potential of I.C.T in all education sectors.
  •  Facilitate interaction among students and education support staff so as to realize a cost free transfer of I.C.T skills necessary for development.
  • Empower and facilitate Zimbabwe schools participation in the Global Knowledge Society.
  • Facilitate and support core and extra curriculum development strategies for both students and education support staff for the development of a more positive approach to I.C.T programs in schools.
  • Outreach Zimbabwe fund specific projects designed by schools through the development and operation of a grants system with a greater bias towards rural schools development.
  • Develop and promote an active I.C.T culture, From People to Pupil ideology of resource mobilization.
  • Design and facilitate the implementation of school development models.
  • Facilitate internet connections for schools to improve networking, the exchange of information and present I.C.T as a core institutional activity.
  • Increase the use of I.C.T for equitable and sustainable socio-economic and cultural development of Zimbabwe.
  • Create a favorable environment for cooperation and partnership in I.C.T among public and private sectors, civil society and among all stakeholders at local, national, regional and international levels.
  • As a fact-based advocate, Outreach Zimbabwe works to represent the collective wisdom of I.C.T leaders around the world and thus plays a significant role in influencing long-term strategies that have impact now and for years to come.
  • Outreach Zimbabwe offers its members a unique opportunity to help shape the I.C.T future through open dialogue and discussion with the most important players in the I.C.T sector.
  • Through Outreach Zimbabwe’s vast global network, members can participate in the international I.C.T debate and contribute to finding solutions to important global I.C.T issues.
  • This reliable network of contacts is invaluable in leveraging and developing new business opportunities for member organisations, nationally, regionally and globally.
  • By joining a Member Committee, as a direct member, or as a Global Partner, schools and institutions can gain greater visibility in their own country and in the wider I.C.T community.
  • Through Outreach Zimbabwe’s studies, research, data collection, bench marking, technical work and regional activities, practical solutions to emerging I.C.T issues can be found.
  • Outreach Zimbabwe’s work is carried out by I.C.T experts for I.C.T experts – this combination of expertise and experience offers a cross-cutting perspective on the broad policy issues that affect the I.CT sector today