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Why Promoting the Product

Congrats on publishing your course and starting your journey as a Outreach instructor! So, what comes next? Promoting your course!

Here are some essential steps in promoting your course and ultimately driving sales:

Create your instructor coupon code with a discount and a deadline. Instructors who promote their courses using discounts with deadlines and send out reminders tend to earn 5x more. On top of that, you receive 90% for all sales you drive through your instructor coupon codes.

Send a 3 email campaign to your audience. If you have an existing audience, email is your best bet. It is by far your highest converting channel. A rule of thumb in marketing is that the majority of people need to hear your message several times before they take action and purchase. If you don’t have an existing audience, email your course to your friends, family, and colleagues who may be interested in the topic.

Optimize your website. If you have an existing website where you promote your business or coaching, it’s a great channel for driving more course sales. Optimize your website with the help of local SEO services.

Optimize your YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube channel, you can implement a variety of different quick win or slow build techniques to turn your channel into a sales machine.