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Congratulations on completing the planning and production of your course!
Now is when you should focus on adding the final touches to your course to make sure you optimize it for conversion, so you can attract more students. Here we will cover:

  • Filling your course landing page with the title and subtitle, course summary and course image
  • Filling your instructor bio
  • Pricing your course
  • Adding lecture descriptions
  • Adding free previews
  • Ensuring your course is complete
  • Submitting your course for review

Fill out your course landing page. Your landing page is your course’s face to millions of Outreach students. This is where visitors will find all the information they need to decide whether your course will help them achieve their goals and why they should pick your course over everything else in the marketplace. It consists of the:
Title and subtitle: Our research shows that courses with optimized titles convert 50% better.
Course summary: This should convince students of the value of your course and how it will help them achieve their goals.
Course image: This should be an eye-catching, informative image that captures the student’s attention and is relevant to the course.
Fill out your instructor bio. Students really care about the credibility of their instructor. This is where you show them why YOU are the expert they should learn from.
Price your course. Your course can be free or paid. If you’re leaning towards making it a paid course, then you need to find the sweet spot between how much you value your course and how much the market values your course. We’ve provided some tips here on how to arrive at that ideal price for your course. Don’t forget to submit your premium instructor application as well, so you can charge for your course.
Be sure to allow students the opportunity to check out a few lectures before they enroll in the course and ensure the course is right for them by few free preview lectures.
Ensure your course is complete. Before you submit your course for review, you will need to make sure it is 100% complete, with no “upcoming” lectures. We’ve outlined how you can ensure that all your lectures are published here.
Submit your course for review. Now your course is ready to be published, so hit the “publish” button! Once you do this, your course is entered into the Outreach’s Quality Review Process, where it will be evaluated against our Course Quality Checklist, and you will receive feedback on any required and recommended changes.
The required changes must be fixed before we can release your course into the marketplace – we want to make sure your course is the best it can be! The recommended changes, while not mandatory, are what really helps courses go from being good to great. These recommendations are based on a lot of Learning Science research, and will help your course deliver a truly amazing learning experience to students.

As soon as you publish your course, the next stage is “Promoting” your courses!