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Schools Online Learning Management System .

E-learning can be defined as the use of computer and Internet technologies to deliver a broad array of solutions to enable learning and improve performance.

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Supports unlimited number of Subjects, chapters, assignments, students etc. You can create various rules for Subject and Chapter access and completeness based on assignment completion, test results, or manual admin approval. Assign different user roles to work with the LMS and other roles who will manage it. Students can earn performance certificates on each Subject.

  • Manage unlimited Subjects.
  • Auto-approve or manually review students who want to study in a Subject.
  • Publish the subject descriptions on the site to encourage students studying.
  • Manage unlimited number of lessons in each Subject.
  • Lessons support rich text, media and plugin contents.
  • Define various criteria for lesson completeness – such as completing assignment, manual approval, completing exercises.
  • Define which lessons should be completed to complete a Chapter. Some lessons can be optional.
  • Create assignments and approve or reject student’s solutions.
  • Add notes to student’s solutions to help them resolve the problems.
  • Manage students in each Subject and see their to-do lists for every lesson.
  • Allow different user roles to administrate and use the learning material.
  • Run powerful reports .
  • Optionally allow discussion to assignments.
  • Receive and send automated email notices about various actions like , comments, notes, submitted
  • Learn Who Are Your Best students on each subject.

Administration Side

  • Your students will also be able to see an overview of their performance (optional and configurable).
  • Charts show how each student performs in different courses and lessons.
  • The user rankings report lets you know who the best students are overall, or in a specific chapter or Subject.
  • The Subject and chapter reports provide detailed information on how student interest is spread during Subjects and Chapters, how hard the assignments are, and which chapters are most attractive.
  • Keep In Touch With Your Students, Get Them Involved.
  • Receive Email and Dashboard Notices For Important Activities.
  • Your students can also be notified when you approve or reject assignment, post a note, and more.
  • Allow optional public comments on assignments so students and teachers can discuss the matter.
  • ¬∑Create Quizzes, Exams, and Surveys.
  • Collect contact data and students responses instantly. Multi-purpose online quiz that can be used in education, research, contests, competitions, or to increase student engagement on your site.
  • It works on all modern desktop and mobile browsers.


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