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Outreach I.C.T. Solutions Support For Schools

Whilst the government of Zimbabwe has done a commendable job in supporting the use of Information Communications Technology (I.C.T) in schools through the donation of computers and other I.C.T related items, not all schools benefited from this honorable initiative. The organisation have seen it ad quite  to chip in and complement the program. It has been the realization of Outreach Zimbabwe that due to lack of mechanisms to maintain and service the machines as well as capacity, most of the schools are not fully benefiting from these computerization initiatives.

Given the prevailing status-quo, The Organisation has come up with a well thought out, highly innovative proposition to fill up the gaps in the current set up. Should schools really benefit from I.C.T?

Setup (Computer Lab Setup Program)
Provision of computers.
Networking of computers.
Internet connection.

All interested schools will become part of the program on the condition or agreement that the school will meet the requirements.

The Organisation proposes the school to pay the amount in terms.

  • This set up will run for two years (2) after which the computers received will become 100% the school’s property. In the duration of the mentioned period the organization will service the computers once at the beginning of every term before students return to school at no cost.
  • In the event that other problems arise during the course of the term, the school will incur the costs of getting a technician to their premises for farther maintenance as well as any equipment or parts that may need to be purchased should the need arise.
  • After  2 years the organisation and the school in question will enter into a contractual agreement in which case an agreed nominal fee will be chargeable for the services rendered.

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